Hometown Education Learning Partnerships - HELP Education

Hometown Education Learning Partnerships (HELP) has been established by the Hometown Foundation, a registered charity, to help improve the quality of education in Scotland. It aims to do this by various means including assisting parent groups to form state-funded autonomous schools, to put head teachers,rather than politicians in charge of education. The Scottish Education system was once ranked amongst the best in the world. This is no longer the case and Scotland has fallen behind many other countries.

Dissatisfaction with the standard of Scottish education is now being expressed by employers and academics as well as parents. Low educational achievement is even more acute in areas of deprivation contributing to a cycle of  unemployment, low income, poor health and crime.

Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

The Hometown Foundation charity believes that active citizens and strong local communities have crucial roles to play in improving education and learning standards.The Foundation also considers that it is absolutely vital that every individual is given the best possible chance in life through personalised learning experiences.
Hometown Education Learning Partnerships - HELP EducationThere is strong evidence that autonomous schools:

  • function more effectively by giving head teachers greater control;
  • ensure that only proficient teachers are employed;
  • give parents more choices; and
  • stimulate healthy competition and co-operation between schools.