Hometown Education Learning Partnerships was born out of a major project by the Hometown Foundation ( to build a £500M co-operative settlement in South Lanarkshire, owned and managed by its residents. “Owenstown” which is presently in limbo due to planning difficulties, was to be named after Robert Owen, the world renowned 18th century founder of the co-operative movement in New Lanark. The concept included two primary schools, a secondary school and a centre for research. However, much of the research and expertise that was acquired in preparing this project can now be put to good use elsewhere.

Following Robert Owen’s example, education is one of the specialities that the Foundation developed whilst working with educational experts at home and overseas. The Foundation firmly believes that a good quality and inclusive education, irrespective of background or wealth, is an essential component of any successful society. We must draw on the best practices from around the world to ensure we get education right, it is that important.

Hometown Education Learning Partnerships

HELP has an extensive network of qualified and experienced professionals to assist you. These people are well versed in all aspects of education, including setting governance structures, school budgets and the transfer of publicly owned property to local communities.

In addition, HELP recognises that residential and outdoor education delivers powerful experiences for young people and provides long lasting memories and friendships.

HELP is pleased to be associated with Scottish Outdoor Education Centres ( and Ocean Youth Trust Scotland ( Both organisations help individuals from diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential.